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ILÉ is an African culinary art space that celebrates African culture using food as a medium of communication.

With a strong foundation in west African culture, ILÉ aims to export African cuisine, art, and culture.

ILÉ exists to connect Africa, Africans, and African enthusiasts to one another using food as a medium of communication. We do this whilst supporting local businesses and promoting African cuisine and content to the world.

Book the studio to host private dinners, or intimate cocktail events for corporate luncheons, special occasions or private affairs

A multi-course dining experience showcasing African cuisine with a modern twist. Enjoy beverage pairing, curated music and so much more.

Have a tight schedule? We have you covered! Order prepped groceries and ready meals from the studio once a week to fit into your weekly diet.

Come in to the studio individually or as a small group to be a part of a hands on private cooking class. Over wine, good music and great company.


Meet the people who make our dreams come true